Efficiently survey treatment impact using Celleqore’s flow cytometry platform instead of pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into in vivo studies. Choose from several of our flow cytometry based assays

Preclinical developmental studies are critical activities that guide downstream decision-making processes. Narrow down your in vivo drug efficacy model decisions by utilizing our in vitro and ex vivo models.

Need your staff trained to perform flow cytometry? Need on-site sample acquisition? Have flow cytometry data to be analyze, review, or interpret? We’ll take on those cumbersome tasks on your behalf.

We respond within 24h and no later than 48h. Everyone should be treated like their project is #1 priority.

Staying connected to study updates allows for efficient decision making and course correction. We take extra measures to guarantee you know how your project is progressing.

Trust is built through respect, transparency, and accountability. Along with the good, we will report the bad and offer advice to improve outcomes.

No one wants to wait 4-8 weeks for results. Whether its preliminary results or finalized reports, we provide fast turnaround of results.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest instrumentation and technology is expensive. Where does your CRO partner invest most of its earnings? We reinvest our earnings into improving instrumentation, advanced technology, and recruiting expert personnel.

We understand project targets change during a study. We work with you to make necessary adjustments that your study needs.